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6 Easy Steps to Start Selling

Selling on is easy! Let's look at the basic steps to start selling.

 1. List Your Item

Write your description. Be specific but keep it brief.

  • Show off your item - Use as many of your 12 FREE pictures as you can.
  • Price competitively - Check active and ended listings for a price comparison.
  • Offer free shipping – If you can't make it free make sure it's reasonable and competitive.

2. Sell Your Item

  • Buyers would like to purchase the product if you clearly mention all the details.
  • Keep your buyers – Answer their questions as quickly as possible. 

3. Ship Your Item

  • Once you receive the payment confirmation from PaisaPay you need to ship the item to the buyer.
  • Make sure you ship the item within 3 days from the purchase date and enter the correct shipping details in the system. 

4. Deliver The Item

  • Use a reputed Courier Company to deliver the item.
  • Track your item and ensure it is delivered within 7 days.

5. Receive Buyer Confirmation

  • eBay waits 5 days for the buyer to confirm item receipt else treats the item as delivered. 

6. Get Paid

That's all there is to start selling! Go through the other selling resources to know in detail.


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