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Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while selling on eBay.

Feedback Manipulation- eBay's Feedback system allows members to rate each other after a transaction. It's a way to earn a good reputation as a buyer and aseller on our website.

What is not allowed -

  • Manipulating another member's detailed seller ratings (DSRs) through a combination of repeat purchases and low DSRs to reduce another user's Feedback scores, or showing a pattern of leaving positive Feedback with consistently low DSRs.
  • Offering to pay members for their user ID.
  • Offering to sell, buy, barter, or give away feedback.
  • Working with other members or registering multiple accounts to artificially increase your feedback score.

Misuse of coupons- eBay runs promotions which allow buyers to use coupons to avail discounts while purchasing

What is not allowed-

  • Misuse of the these coupon’s by displaying them in your listings.
  • Creating multiple accounts and then buying and selling from them to avail of coupon discount.

Listing fakes- eBay has no tolerance for fakes or counterfeits being sold on site.

What is not allowed-

  • Listing of fakes and counterfeits.
  • Usage of stock images of brands and logos on your products.
  • Not having authority/proper documentation for branded products.

Creating multiple accounts to circumvent restrictions- eBay to ensure health of marketplace places restrictions on a sellers account. This is to allow them to improve their performance while limiting their sales.

What is not allowed-

  • Creation of new accounts to circumvent restriction on an old account.

Do keep these in mind and go on selling!


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