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Fee Overview

There are 2 main types of fees for selling: Basic fees and Optional fees.

How these fees are charged depends on the category of the item, the selling format you choose, the length (or duration) of your listing, and if you're a Store subscriber.We recommend that you review your invoice each month before paying your fees.

Fees vary from site to site and are dependent on the eBay site you prefer to list or sell your items on.

Once you’ve selected which country site you’d like to expand your business to, opening an eBay Store will enable you to enjoy the best fee rates.

All eBay sites have 3 Store subscription levels. All 3 levels entitle sellers to varying fee discounts.

Each Store level has a different subscription price and fixed price insertion fees. In general, the higher the Store level, the lower the insertion fees.

Compare the fee structure of Store owners and Non-Store owners on each eBay site to see how you can benefit with the right Store subscription level for your selling activity.





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