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My eBay

My eBay is the one-stop place you can customize to track all your buying and selling activities. From here, you'll see:


Selling reminders

Alerts you on outstanding actions in your transactions such as:

  • Items you haven't received payment for
  • Buyers you haven't left feedback for
  • Feedback you haven't received

Selling Totals

A summary of your total sales in value and quantity.

Items I'm Selling
An easy way to monitor items you're currently selling. From here, you'll be able to see:

  • Item's current price
  • Time left for the Auction or Buy It Now listing
  • Number of bidders
  • Number of sellers
  • Number of watchers
  • Current winning bidder

You can also edit the details of your item from here.

Items I've Sold

Here' you'll see a list of items that ended successfully with a buyer. From here, you'll be able to:

  • Get the buyer's contact details and get in touch with the buyer via email
  • Send your buyer an invoice
  • Check payment method and status
  • Leave Feedback
  • Report an unpaid item
  • Relist an item for sale again

Unsold Items

See items that ended without a buyer and relist them. You might want to edit your listing to increase its chances of success.


View all bidding and buying activity at a glance. Information is organized into easy-to-read subsections:

Buying Reminders

Alerts you on outstanding actions related to your purchases on eBay.

Items I'm Watching

Your watch list of eBay items with their respective end dates and times. Just click on item titles to bid or buy.

Buying Totals

See the total number and value of items you've bought in the last 60 days.

Items I'm Bidding On

See items you've placed a bid on. Values appear in green if you're the highest bidder and red if you've been outbid.

Items I've Won

Items you've won or bought will show here. Click the Pay Now button next to each transaction to make payment. You can also click the dropdown to contact the seller, pay for the item or leave Feedback.


Another convenient tool inside My eBay is My Messages, your secure eBay inbox. Communicate with trading partners without revealing personal details like your email or name via My Messages.


My Account consists of your personal information, eBay preferences and subscriptions. Edit your contact details, change your password or subscribe to eBay tools from here.

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