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Shipping through your Courier Service


Watch this video to understand the process you need to follow after receiving order.

Once you receive an order, here are the steps that you need to follow –

Step 1: - Paisapay will send you the buyer's payment confirmation and you will receive the mail on your registered email id and in your 'My eBay' --> 'My Messages'.

Step 2:- You can also view the payment status in 'My Paisapay' under 'Sold with PaisaPay'.

Step 3:- You need to pack your item. Here are some things to keep in mind when packaging your items for shipping.

Step 4 :- After packing the item you need to ship the item through a reputed courier company which is trackable online.

Step 5:- As a seller you get 3 days to ship the item. Ensure that you ship as soon as possible and that the buyer receives the product at the earliest. Once the buyer has placed an order, he is anxious till he actually receives it. Once you ship the item you will get the Airway Bill number for that shipping transaction from the logistics service provider. You need to enter the shipping details in 'Sold with Paisapay' as shown below.

Step 6:- Once the item is shipped, you need to ensure the buyer receives the item within 7 days from the date you enter the shipping details on.

Step 7:- Communicate proactively with the buyer. Check with him about the delivery and his satisfaction. The one thing that good sellers do different is that they do not wait for the buyer to communicate. They proactively call up the buyer to confirm their order, confirm shipping, and confirm receipt and to ensure that the buyer is satisfied with the product.

This completes your order processing!


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