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Category and Item Specific Changes


Category and item specific changes coming soon

Updates to category and item specifics will create a more intuitive buying, selling, and search experience on eBay. Changes will include additions, removals, moves, and renames in several eBay categories.

See if these updates apply to you

Check the list of affected categories and make any necessary updates to your listings.

Category Changes:

Category Sub Category Cat ID Changes
  Disposable Batteries 181524 Renamed from [AA Batteries]
  AAA Batteries 181525 Combined into [Disposable Batteries-181524]
  DVD & Blu-ray Players 181517 Renamed from [DVD Players]
  Hard Drive (HDD) Recorders 11725 New Category
  Blu Ray Players 181518 Combined into [DVD & Blu-ray Players-181517]
  Portable Radio & Media Players 181519 Renamed from [Portable FM Radios]
  Portable Audio CD & DVD Player 181520 Combined into [Portable Radio & Media Players-181519]
  Internet TV & Streaming Device 181521 Renamed from [Streaming Media Players]
Music Headphones & Earphones   40135 Renamed from [Headphones & Earphones]
Home Theater Systems   39809 Renamed from [Home Theatre Systems]
Projectors & Home Cinema   172677 Renamed from [Projectors]
  Freestanding Speakers 181510 Relocated within Parent
  Soundbars 181513 Relocated within Parent
  Portable Speakers 182878 New Category
  Other AV Accessories 180541 Renamed from [Others]
  Cables, Cords & Adapters 87589 Renamed from [Cables & Cords]
  Camera Cleaning Equipments 182875 New Category
  Camera LCD Hoods 182877 New Category
  Camera Accessories Bundle 182876 New Category
  Microphones 83857 New Category
  Photo Printers & Papers 30024 Relocated within Parent
  Battery Chargers & Docks 162046 New Category
    37972 Renamed from [Telescope]
  Air Conditioner Accessories 181586 Renamed from [Airconditioner Accessories]
  Oil Filled Radiators 181634 Moved from [Small Appliances-180564]
  Electric Grillers 180559 Renamed from [Electric Griller]
  Water Purifier Accessories 183629 New Category
LED Televisions   172312 Renamed from [LED Telvisions]
Other Televisions   174996 Renamed from [Other TVs]
  Facility Safety Products 43615 Combined into [Facility Safety Products-180819]

How you benefit

More relevant search results plus improved selling opportunities

eBay category changes are based on market trend research and feedback from eBay buyers and sellers. The new updates will create a more intuitive marketplace and bring eBay into closer alignment with industry-standard classifications.

what you need to do

Move items and update your listings

1) Update your listings in affected categories.

If you have a listing in an affected category, it will automatically move to the next most relevant category. After it has been moved we recommended you review and use eBay suggested item specifics. 

How to move items

  • Click on the category name in the category changes to view the categories that have changes
  • If your old category ID was "Combined into a new destination category," your items will automatically be moved into that new category. If the category is an "Other" category a new “best fit” category will be recommended by using item specifics. Keep in mind that this may or may not be the best fit for your items.
  • If your item appears in the "Other" category and item specifics exist, an advanced move using the item specifics may be made. Here is an example
    • You have an item where no specifics exist, and the item was moved to “Other.” If your title contains a specific term (say, “Screen Protectors”), then the item may be moved to the Screen Protectors category.

2) Update your listings with eBay-recommended item specifics

Update your listings with eBay-recommended item specifics to benefit from more relevant search results across all eBay platforms and ensure a smooth transition. Check the list category changes for Fall 2016.

  • As part of each category rollout, listings may be moved to new categories using the seller tags on your listings. Ensure your existing items have item specifics if the categories are going away in October. Update your existing listings and use the recommended seller tag(s) on any new listings.
  • When listing items in updated categories, always use eBay-recommended item specifics in order to optimize your listings’ visibility on eBay, as well as on search
  • engines like Google and Bing. Where applicable, business sellers must use the following codes:
  • Universal Product Code (UPC)
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
  • International Article Number (EAN)
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • Additional product identifiers including eBay (ePIDS), Amazon (ASINs) and non-standard identifiers may be used beginning February 2017

As a reminder, eBay continues to extend the requirement for product identifiers to additional categories. We will continue to provide you with advanced notice before adding additional categories or new requirements in existing categories.

Tools to update your listings

  • Bulk edit functionality inside My eBay/Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro.
  • File Exchange

Category and item specifics are updated every 24 hours. To manually update, go to the "Refresh" tab and select "Update eBay Categories and Item Specifics."

Best practices

  • List your item with the eBay catalog whenever there's a product in the catalog that's an exact match to the item you have for sale and/or required by the category. To list an item with the catalog, you just select it from the list presented as you are listing. You can also use the catalog photo of the item
  • Use eBay-recommended item specifics whenever they’re available.
  • Use the eBay photo uploader to upload up to 12 free photos.
  • Describe your item as completely and accurately as possible in the body of your listing, and make sure your description is consistent with the item specifics you choose.
  • Remember, catalog images cannot be used as the primary photo for non-new items.
  • If your item is not an exact match to a product in the catalog, please complete your listing without selecting a product from the catalog list. You can also request that your product be added to our catalog.
  • Maximize your visibility on eBay as well as on external search engines by using product identifiers and item specifics when you list new, branded items in certain categories.


When can I start listing in the new or revised categories?

You can start listing the new and revised categories as soon as they become available in October 2016.

How do I locate and update listings in required categories?

  1. Go to My eBay or Selling Manager to see your active listings.
  2. Click on the link at the top of the page for "Add required product identifiers." You'll be redirected to the eBay Bulk Edit and Relist Tool.
  3. Enter the UPC, ISBN or EAN. If the product does not have this information, select "Does not apply."
  4. Update the Brand and Manufacturer Product Number (MPN) fields where required. Note: If the product does not have an MPN, enter "Does not apply." If it does not have a brand, enter "Unbranded."
  5. Click "Submit changes" to publish the changes.

Where can I find guidance around what item specifics changes will impact my listings?

Check Selling Reminders in My eBay.  You can then easily edit those listings in bulk.

What happens to my listings if my category now has subcategories?

If new subcategories have been added below your category, your listings will be moved to the appropriate subcategory based on the item specifics used in the listing. If eBay-recommended item specifics are not used, your item will be moved to the “best fit” category based on keywords in the listing title. If the item cannot be moved based on keywords, then it will be moved to the nearest "Other" category. When you relist these items, be sure to list in the appropriate subcategory and use eBay-recommended item specifics for the best potential visibility in buyers’ search results.

What happens if I don’t believe my listings have been moved to the most appropriate category?

If you think that your listing has not been moved to the most appropriate category, you can revise the listing and select a category that's better suited to your item.

What happens to my listing if a category gets merged with another category or parent category?

If your category gets merged with another category, your listing will automatically move to the new category. If the item specifics differ from the previous category, you’ll need to update your listing using eBay-recommended item specifics for greater visibility on the search results page. Be sure to check your listings to see if any of them have changed categories.

How will changes to my category IDs affect my multi quantity listings?

Your active multi-quantity listings will be moved to the correct category for you. Use third-party listing tools to ensure the category IDs reflect the latest changes. Seller Hub, Selling Manager, and Selling Manager Pro will have the updated category IDs.

How will category updates affect my fees?

Generally speaking, when your item or items are moved to a new category with different final value fees, the final value fees of that new category apply. Insertion fees and advanced listing upgrade fees will be based on the original category until the item is relisted. In cases where the original category has been merged with a category with different fees, you'll be charged the insertion fees and advanced listing upgrade fees for the original category until the listing ends and the final value fees for the category into which the original category was merged. See fees for selling on eBay for details.




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