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Best Practices

Best Practices - Improving Seller Level Under New Seller Standards

For most sellers—sellers who are already providing great service and meeting buyer expectations—these updates will have require significant changes. Just keep delivering a great experience by following the following best practices.

How to help keep your defect rate low:

  • Make sure you've got items in stock. If your item becomes unavailable, end your listing as soon as possible.
  • Resolve issues with buyers promptly before the buyer asks eBay to step in and help.

How to help meet the on-time shipping requirement:

  • Handover your item for shipping within the standard timeline (3 days).
  • Make sure tracking gets uploaded within the deadline (3 days) so you can keep your buyers and eBay informed of the shipping status.
  • Always use a good quality shipping service provider so that your item reaches your buyer as quickly as possible. In case of unexpected delays, call the buyer and keep him informed.

More tips for providing great service:

  • Describe your item accurately, use lots of pictures and include item specifics in your listing to set the right buyer expectations and minimize returns.
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