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Pinnacle Capital Solutions

Pinnacle Capital Solutions (PinCap)

Established in 1995, PinCap is an RBI registered NBFC. We differentiate ourselves through our deep understanding of entrepreneurs' needs and our flexibility to create custom solutions suited to their businesses.

PinCap aims to provide innovative financial solutions to the new age entrepreneurs, helping them enhance their capacity and create economies of scale. We help our customers reduce overheads and create higher flexibility in service lines. Over time, our products have evolved through collaboration with leading online and offline retailers, as well as some marquee international brands.

Our key products are:

  1. Bill Discounting – Weekly payment to vendors against goods receipt notes (GRNs) with settlement happening from offline/online seller
  2. Working Capital – Working capital loans repayable over 6-9 months in monthly installments
  3. Export Credit – Short-term financing to vendors against POs raised from international brands/buying houses
  4. Term Loan – Payment to vendors for upgrading their manufacturing facility. are repayable over 12-18 months in the form of monthly installments
  5. Cash Discounting – Upfront payment to vendors against PO/Invoice with settlement happening from offline/online seller
  6. Retail Sales Advance – Short-term loans against store/franchise future sales