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Simplified Seller Performance Standards

Reflecting your hard work and giving you more control 

Updates to seller standards coming early next year

eBay is committed to helping sellers grow their businesses. Sellers have told us they want a set of performance measures that are easier to manage and not based on opinions, so they can spend less time worrying about things they can't control. Which is why we're excited to announce changes to help make seller performance standards simpler, more objective and truly reflective of your level of service.

Starting 20 February 2016, the following will no longer impact your defect rate

  • Buyer Feedback
  • Detailed seller ratings (DSRs)
  • Returns requests that are successfully resolved with your buyer
  • Items not received requests that are successfully resolved with your buyer

The new seller standards will focus on what matters most to buyers

New seller standards will focus on what buyers care about the most – getting the item they ordered on time and effective customer service to resolve any urgent requests for help.

A new, simplified defect rate will include just two measures:

  • Seller-cancelled transactions for items that are out of stock or can't be fulfilled for any other reason, and
  • Cases that are closed without seller resolution

A new, more objective "on-time shipping" metric will encourage you to use tracking and where you do, reward you by measuring delivery performance based on what you control: sending your item on time.

New "on-time shipping" metric

You'll be recognised for on-time shipping if tracking shows your item was either sent within the stated handling time or delivered by the estimated delivery date. If there's no tracking, we'll check with your buyer. If your buyer confirms the item was delivered on time, you'll be recognised for on-time shipping.

Items will be considered late only when:

  • Tracking shows late delivery and there's no acceptance scan within your handling time, or
  • Buyer indicates late delivery

For more details, download the on-time shipping infographic

Helping you succeed

These updates are based on what matters most to buyers, and are designed to simplify what you need to focus on. As long as you have the items you list in stock, send items within your stated handling time, upload tracking and satisfy your customers by resolving issues if they arise, you'll be set up for success.