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Shipping using eBay Courier Service

eBay has introduced the PowerShip program to ease your shipping experience and let you focus on other essentials that will help you grow your business on eBay India.

With PowerShip, all you need to do is sign-up for the program, package the item in eBay packing material and hand over the package to the assigned Logistic Service Provider during Item Pick-up.

Once you receive an order, here are the steps that you need to follow –

Step 1 – You sign-up for PowerShip by accepting the Terms & Conditions of the PowerShip Program. Once enabled, you will be able to offer PowerShip on either all your listings or just for certain listings. You will also be able to offer items through Cash On Delivery.

Step 2 – During checkout eBay will verify the PIN code serviceability and consequently allocate a Logistic Service Provider to service the order.

Step 3 – The transaction will appear in your 'My PaisaPay'. PowerShip transaction will show the logo of the Logistic Service Provider assigned. When the package is ready to be delivered, click on ‘Mark Ready to Ship’. This will intimate the Logistic Service Provider to pick the item from the address indicated in the Registration section of your eBay account.

Step 4 – eBay will coordinate with the Logistic Service Provider to track the item. During pickup, LP will review the documents you need to provide which includes – Order Statement, Invoice, Declaration letter and Manifest. You may be required to provide 3 copies of invoice. Please ensure collecting a counter signed Manifest from the personnel after submitting your consignments.

Step 5 – Item will be scanned and weighed at the LP branch and this information will be updated to your 'My PaisaPay' account the following morning. Sellers will no longer be required to manually enter the AWB number in their account.

Step 6 – The consignment will be scanned using the barcoded AWB number and dispatched. The order will be moved to ‘PowerShip Shipped’ Status in 'My PaisaPay'. Buyers will receive an SMS indicating that the item is shipped.

Step 7 – Consignment tracking will be automatically updated on eBay until Delivery. Upon Delivery and after further checks, remittance will be released to you. 

Note: Only those sellers enabled for PowerShip will be able to offer COD in their listings. 


Interested? All you need to do is, send a mail to or log in to and complete the one-time registration, after which you’ll receive an email confirming your PowerShip activation if you meet eligibility criteria.


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